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【Insight】2023 July Outbound Travelers from Taiwan

According to Sensormatic ShopperTrak Index - Taiwan (2023.07), which mentioned the summer vacation has a surge of outbound travel in Taiwan. Here we prepare the following infographic using the data of outbound travelers released by the Tourism Bureau:

First and foremost, the aggregated outbound travelers this year (January to July) have reached 6.15 million; as we can see from the chart below, since June there has been a clear increase in outbound travel (1.126 million people), and in July the number has reached 1.23 million people.

Source: Tourism Bureau|Infographic : iChic Analytics

Furthermore, if we take a look at the chart of age and first-stop destination below, we can see that: in June, those aged around 20~39 have already used the consecutive holiday to go on a short-term vacation around Asia, dodging the travel surge of summer vacation. As for the family travel consisting of 40~49 and 1~19 shows a clear increase in July.

Source: Tourism Bureau|Infographic : iChic Analytics

In July, as seen below, women between the age of 40~49 were the biggest demographic to travel to Europe, America, and Australia

Source: Tourism Bureau|Infographic : iChic Analytics


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