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【Insight】2023.05 Sensormatic ShopperTrak Index - Taiwan


Taiwan May 2023

Y-O-Y Index

Sensormatic ShopperTrak (Total Retail):63.9 %

Large-scale Retail Complex Sales : 56.5%

(More Details in Below)


Aggregated Large-scale Retail Complex Sales in May 2023 continues the New High Compare to the Historical Census

According to the press release by the Department of Statistics. MOEA in May:

Total Retail sector sales were NT$376.3bllion in May 2023, and increased by 16.6% on a y-o-y basis. Due to the Mother’s Day events, special sales and combined with the lower base period last year which was caused by the pandemic situation, pushing this May’s large-scale retail complexes, transactions of cloths, garments, shoes, hats, umbrellas, and clothing accessories, the other integrated retailers, daily commodities, and the transaction of food, beverages and tobacco each increase by 56.5%, 46.0%, 57.7%, 17.7%, 7.9% y-o-y accordingly.

From January to May, large-scale retail complexes aggregated sales have reached NT$179.6 billion, an increase of 22.44% y-o-y (See below), which is the highest over years; And the aggregated footfall (shop in shop) has increased 33.7% y-o-y.

(Source:Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

May 2023, (shop in shop) footfall and sales y-o-y monthly index: ­

y-o-y ShopperTrack Index: 63.9%

y-o-y Large-scale Retail Complexes Sales: 56.5%

(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、Sensormatic ShopperTrak|Infographic:iChic Analytics)

May (Shop in Shop) Footfall Increase by 63.9% Y-O-Y

From Taiwan’s (shop in shop) footfall and sales index, we can see the recent three year’s May indexes (as framed below). Due to the new normal and the climax of Mother’s Day sales incentivize people to visit the high street and retail malls; compare with last year’s negative growth in the footfall index, which causes a lower base value (-0.5), resulting in a high growth of footfall in May (63.9%)

According to the news report:

Mega Bank revealed: this year, from January to May, the transaction made on the top 4 online shopping platforms decreased by 4.9% and specifically in May even reached a decrease of 10.6%; However, the transaction made in the physical large-scale complexes shows a big growth of 69% compared to last year.

iChic Analytics advises that the majority of the retailing consumption that happened in May was made in the physical channel. As for the y-o-y footfall index after Mother’s Day, compared to 2022, shows a slight decrease and compared to 2021 shows a significant increase in performance because of the impact of the pandemic .

(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、ShopperTrak, Sensormatic|Infographic:iChic Analytics)



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