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【Insight】2023.04 Sensormatic ShopperTrak Index - Taiwan


About ShopperTrak Index (Eng.)

Aggregated Revenue in April 2023 Was the New High Compared to the Historical Census

According to the press release by the Department of Statistics, MOEA in April:

In private consumption sector, benefiting from the Qingming holiday (Tomb Sweeping Day) and Mother’s Day, the physical retail shows an obvious increase in footfall, together with an increase in motivation to dine out, plus the lower base period last year due to domestic pandemic situation, pushing this April’s retail sales and food & beverage service to an increase of 7.5% and 31.4% separately.
Retail sales were NT$369.7 billion in April 2023, and increased by 7.5% on a y-o-y basis, mainly due to the effect of Qingming holiday's long weekend and Mother’s Day. And we can see a significant increase in physical store visits (footfall). This cause department stores (large-scale retail complexes), transactions of cloths, garments, shoes, hats, umbrellas, and clothing accessories, the other integrated retailers, daily commodities, and convenience stores, each increase by 27.2%, 29.4%, 46.4%, 11.1%, and 7.1% y-o-y.

The transaction of other integrated retailers show an increase of 46.4% y-o-y, mainly due to the improved performance from the duty-free shops, which was a result of the resurgence of foreign travel.

Department Stores have reached 144.2 billion in this year's revenue, an increase of 16.22% y-o-y (See below), which is the highest over the years (more details see notes).

(Source:Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

April 2023, (shop in shop) footfall and sales y-o-y monthly index:

y-o-y ShopperTrack Index: 70.1%

y-o-y Large-scale Retail Complexes Sales: 27.1%

(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、ShopperTrak, Sensormatic|Infographic:iChic Analytics)

April (Shop in Shop) Footfall Increased By 70.1% Y-O-Y

From Taiwan's (shop in shop) footfall and sales index, we can see the recent three years' April indexes (as framed below). Due to the new normal as well as the long weekend and Mother's Day special sales, started as early as April 1st and with more than half of the department stores, shopping malls, premier outlets started their special sales before April 20th, incentivize people to visit to the high street; compare with last year's negative growth in the footfall index, which causes a lower base value (-37.7%), resulted in a high growth of footfall in April (70.1%).

iChicAnalytics suggests that this index could also represent the growth of boutique floors' visitor volume as people choose the heartfelt gifts for their mothers.

According to the news report:

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi pointed out that the five-day long weekend has led to an upsurge in travel in Taiwan. Department stores around the island gain an average of 20% in visitor volume. Kaohsiung, in specific, benefits from activities during the holidays, such as Megaport Festival and concerts by Mayday and A-Mei, leading to almost 40% more visitor in the area. Far East Department Store, on the other hand, gain about 20% in sales and 30% in footfall during the holidays; FEDS Xinyi A13, FE Mega City, and FE Zhubei benefit from the returning of international tourists and gain at least 20% in their sales.
(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、ShopperTrak, Sensormatic|Infographic:iChic Analytics)



1. Opening in April: NOKE shopping mall has not only selections of light luxuries, lifestyle design products, and style cuisine, also a world-grade Aurora Ice Rink, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE, and a restaurant run by the famous architect Kengo Kuma, and another restaurant by famous German Michelin three-star chef. (Detail please see)

2. List of malls in 2023 opening pipeline (Detail please see)


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