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【Insight】2023.06 Sensormatic ShopperTrak Index - Taiwan


Taiwan June 2023 Y-O-Y Index

Sensormatic ShopperTrak (Total Retail):15%

Large-scale Retail Complex Sales :30.4%

(More Details in Below)


Large-scale Retail Complexex' Aggregates Sales in June 2023, reach another New High!

According to the press release by the Department of Statistics. MOEA in June:

Retail sales were NT$371.9 billion in June 2023, and increased by 13.9% on a y-o-y basis. Resulting from the post-pandemic domestic travel surge and greater inbound visitors【Note 1:Data Infographic】plus summer sales and long-weekend holidays, pushing this June’s large-scale retail complexes, transactions of cloths, garments, shoes, hats, umbrellas, and clothing accessories, the other integrated retailers, and the transaction of food, beverages and tobacco each increase by 30.4%, 22.2%, 53.8%, 8.4% y-o-y.

From January to June, large-scale retail complexes aggregated sales have reached NT$ 211.1 billion, an increase of 23.51% y-o-y (see below), which is the highest ever; and, according to Sensormatic's retail big data pool - Total Retail's aggregated footfall has increased 32% y-o-y in Taiwan.

(Source:Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

June 2023, total retail (shop in shop) footfall and sales y-o-y monthly index: ­

ShopperTrak Index: 15%

Large-scale Retail Complex Sales: 30.4%

(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、ShopperTrak, Sensormatic|Infographic:iChic Analytics)

June (Shop in Shop) Footfall Increase by 15% Y-O-Y

From Taiwan’s (shop in shop) footfall and sales index, we can see the recent three year’s June indexes (below). Due to the explosive bounce back of last June (249.6%) (because of a lower base period from the year before -80.2%), this June's ShopperTrak index has grown by 15%.

The main reason is summer sales coming back with extra bonuses to attract people to the high street and malls.

According to the news report:

Taiwan last May and June was the toughest period of the pandemic. This year, after the lifting of restriction, the sales in May were strong, plus the long-skipped summer sales and pop-up stores boosted the sale another fifty percent; catering saw a boost of over thirty percent. To celebrate the return of summer promotion and festival, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi introduce extra bonuses for their members, also running a promotional event for new members of digital VIP to get 500 skm points, combined with exclusive offers, expecting to boost all sales by 20 percent. (Yahoo)

Department chain-stores market leader Shin Kong Mitsukoshi summer sales starting from June 8th, following the Mother’s Day sales in May.

ShopperTrak daily y-o-y index tells the high peaks during the weekends and dragon boat festival (June 22nd ~ 25th). (More detail sees: ShopperTrak Index - Taiwan|2023Q2 Holidays on Holidays Index)

(Source:Department of Statistics, MOEA、ShopperTrak, Sensormatic|Infographic:iChic Analytics)


【Notes】1. The loosening of travel restrictions leads to greater inbound visitors. From the raw data released by Tourism Bureau, from January to May, the total inbound tourists have reached upto 1.339 million, and 89 percent of them are from the Asia region (1.189 million).

Source : Tourism Bureau|Infographic:iChic Analytics

One noticeable trend is that other than landing via airport, the number of foreign travelers arriving via seaport also shows an increase; in May, 9,291 Japanese entered through Keelung port, and 6,620 Hong Kongers entered through Kaohsiung port; Some travelers from Europe and America also entered Taiwan by cruise voyages, for example, German travelers via Keelung port in April counted 4,279 people.

Source : Tourism Bureau|Infographic:iChic Analytics

However, due to the typically short stays of only 2 to 3 nights, and the westerners preferences seek local experiences looping through the island. #iChicAnalytics advises that the tourists have a limited impact on the retail sales.

Source : Tourism Bureau|Infographic:iChic Analytics


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